Assam Tea And Its Properties

Assam Tea And Its Properties

Assam Tea And Its Properties

Assam Tea And Its Properties

Hot tea is popular in countries like England and India. We Indians enjoy our “kadak masala chai” which is really warm and gives that caffeine kick in the morning. Not many are aware of the fact that most of the tea leaves which are sold in India are Assam tea. Packed with natural caffeine, anti-oxidants, vitamins and trace minerals, Assam tea is excellent for the body an mind. The malty nature of this brew allows it to mix really well with milk and sugar, thus, making it the perfect brew to make “chai,” which is the elixir of a  happy existence in India.

Compared to the Irish tea and the English breakfast tea, Assam tea leaves are packed with caffeine, which helps in making the mind alert in the morning and wiping out fatigue. Most people who have to work late nights dwell on this brew. Since there are many different kinds of Assam teas available in the market, don’t be confused by fancy packaging. Instead of picking up a pack of tea from your nearest store, instead, buy Assam tea online from the Teafloor website. The Assam tea price is very reasonable and Teafloor offers some amazing discounts as well.

More about Assam tea

Talking about the flavor profile of this brew, it has a robust dark burgundy-brown colored infusion with a very strong flavor and aroma which packs a punch. Grown along the beautiful Brahmaputra River, the picturesque tea gardens of Assam are a treat for sore eyes. These lush green farms have clayey, loamy soil and experience torrential rainfall. Add to that ample sunshine and you get a very strong tea. Most of the brew grown in this region is black tea, but you can also find Assam green tea plantations in some areas. Assam is home to the most number of tea plantations in the world, making India the second largest producer of tea (after China). A derivative of Chinese leaves, Assam tea is made from the Camellia sinesis plant and the first tea company of the country was set up during the colonial era by the British East India Company back in 1839. Tea estates in Assam collectively produce close to 507 million kg of tea, which is a huge amount. Most of the people living in Assam, earn their livelihood by working on tea farms or tea factories.

Why Teafloor?

When you buy Assam tea online from Teafloor, the leaves go through rigorous quality checks before reaching you, so you need not worry about the quality. Assam tea has a very strong grip on the domestic market and is easily available throughout the country. However, there are many grades and varieties of this tea. Buy Assam tea online to make the most of the online discounts offered by Teafloor on excellent quality teas.  


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