Is oolong tea better than Green tea?

Is Oolong Tea Better Than Green Tea?

Is oolong tea better than Green tea?

Is oolong tea better than Green tea?

Tea have always a very important part of the Indian staple diet. We Indians are die-hard fans of black tea because obviously, we cannot function without our “chai.” However, chai is not the best beverage for our health, because the milk and sugar present in the brew, cut down and disrupt its properties. In case you want to take a healthier route, when it comes to tea, then you should either try oolong tea or green tea. Both these brews are packed with antioxidants and have slimming properties. While green tea gets a lot of hype, the oolong variety, is catching up when it comes to popularity. The fact of the matter is that both oolong and green tea is derived from the same Camellia sinesis plant, but it is their processing which sets them apart.

All you need to know about the health benefits of oolong tea   

Not many people know that oolong tea, which is a traditional Chinese tea happens to be one of the best health benefitting brews in the whole world. It helps in reducing heart diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. Oolong tea also happens to be a weight loss tea, so if you are looking forward to shedding those extra kilos, then oolong tea will be your best bet. In order to make the most of this tea, be sure to buy oolong tea online from the Teafloor. Teafloor stocks up on the finest quality oolong brew, at the best price possible. You can find some of the best oolong tea brands on the website and make the most of this tea. The pricing and rates of the oolong tea are pocket-friendly, especially if you avail the discounts available on Teafloor. Oolong is a Chinese name for “black dragon.” The tea has a floral, musky flavor to it, and it happens to be very light and smooth on the palate. It is loaded with catechins and polyphenols which promotes weight loss by improving metabolism.

Green tea VS oolong tea

While green tea happens to be all the rage, especially when it comes to health benefits, it won’t be wrong to say that the brew is a little too over-hyped. No doubt the brew is great for the health, but that certainly does not mean that oolong tea is any less than it, especially when it comes to properties and flavors. Green tea is backed by excellent marketing skills, while oolong tea is waiting for the spotlight to shine on it, any time now. Having said all of that, both these brews have similar properties and are excellent for health. You could choose any of the two, but make sure that you buy good quality loose leaf tea, rather than buying fancy tea bags within laminated, shiny boxes. It is adulteration which lies in tea bags, but with loose leaf tea, you can see it for yourself and the proof lies in the pudding. Be sure to buy oolong tea online from the Teafloor website only, so that you get hold of the best quality brews at discounted rates.  


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