CTC tea and the myths surrounding it

CTC Tea And The Myths Surrounding It

CTC tea and the myths surrounding it

CTC tea and the myths surrounding it

Tea, as we all know, is an herbal product, but before it is packaged to be sent to the market, it is processed. The two main ways of processing tea are orthodox and CTC. While the orthodox method, as the name suggests, is an age-old process, which is more of a labor-intensive technique. The leaves are hand-plucked, fried and later had rolled to form perfect brews. These brews not only taste exceptionally well, but at the same time, their nutrients and natural properties are also kept intact.

Orthodox tea has great demand in the international market, as tea connoisseurs enjoy them on a daily basis. The processing takes time, and is indeed a laborious effort; it is perhaps for the same reason, the tea is really heavy on the pocket. Well, orthodox blends are loose leaf teas produced using traditional methods whose prices reflect on the product.

On the other hand Crush, Tear, Curl or CTC is a method of producing majorly black tea. Leaves are passed through many cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that process the tea and pulverize it into small pellet like structures. This brew is comparatively cheaper which is why most Indians opt for it. It doesn’t taste particularly the best and does not have all its natural properties intact, but it is a lot cheaper compared to its orthodox counterpart.

Why CTC tea?

CTC tea is more for people on the go, it’s used for daily consumption and is easy on the pocket. You do not have to follow multiple steps to make it and they are the most consumed tea in India, all thanks to its easy accessibility and cheap price, they are really popular with the Indian crowd, who do not like to spend a lot of money on everyday commodities like tea. You can find tea consumers of all age groups in this country, each of them indulging in their daily dose of “chai.” Most of the tea, which we consume in our day to day lives is the CTC kind because it is really easy to find, besides the affordability factor. Being the second largest producer of tea, after China, India cannot help but adopt the CTC method of tea production, because the orthodox method is really time-consuming. With tea being so richly celebrated in India, it is only right, that CTC teas are so high in demand.

Where to buy CTC tea?

Now you can buy CTC tea online from Teafloor and avail some of the most exciting CTC tea offers. The site brings forth the best CTC offers for their customers to enjoy. The most important factor is that the CTC tea sold on Teafloor is easy on the pocket. Plus the site offers timely delivery so that you can enjoy your cuppa every morning and evening. CTC tea also has many grades and in order to get the finest quality ones, be sure to buy CTC tea online from Teafloor and enjoy the many CTC offers and deals.


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